As Gaurdian of this faerie park for the last 20 years, it has become apparent that what most people are searching for on a holiday, day out, or just a few hours of escapism, is the opportunity  “to relax and do nothing” whilst not forgetting the needs of the younger generation. In response we have concentrated our efforts on activities that will provide light entertainment, fun and pleasure, for all age groups, and appeal to your own “Inner Child”. There’s plenty of opportunity for interaction and joyful experiences, offering something for everyone in a peaceful and relaxing setting.

Faerie Garden Trail:

Wandering through the delightful botanical gardens why not have fun spotting how many of our flora you can identify, finding a little bog orchid hiding under a giant hosta, counting the various species of wildlife that inhabit our faerie gardens, or discover the 13 Celtic trees, the time of year they cover, and the god or goddess that the ancients worshiped.

The common frog is becoming an endangered species in Europe due to the increased loss of natural habitat for housing and development. Here at The Field of Dreams it is a haven for these lovely little creatures. With its boggy constitution and bog mosses it is the perfect environment for the thick black carpet of frogspawn that fills the wildlife ponds and edges of the lake in spring, turning into thousands of tadpoles and finally emerging as gorgeous smooth-skinned yellow and green amphibians. See if you can spot one swimming through the reeds and irises growing in the lake or sunbathing on a rock in the faerie gardens.

Map and Discovery Quiz:

Girl with Fairy in Lilies at Gillighans World
Look what I found

An absolute favourite with all our visitors, regardless of age. Searching the park to solve the clues you’ve been given on arrival is great fun that the whole family can enjoy. Trying to count all the mushrooms down in Mushroom Town is interactive and challenging, and don’t be surprised if a few real ones get thrown in for good measure. By the time you’ve visited all the different areas of the park you’ll be much more knowledgeable about The Field of Dreams, and if you get stuck you can always come to us for a few bonus clues! When you’ve finished bring it back to us to see how well you fared, and don’t forget your sense of humour if we try to pack you off again to improve on your efforts. It’s for fun and laughter and the fairies love people who have not forgotten how to play and the kids will love talking to all the charming faerie friends they’ll meet on the way.

Gillighans Cave:

Gillighans Bedroom
Gillighans Bedroom
The Hidden Cave
The Hidden Cave

On route you’ll come across a hidden cave where our resident leprechaun, Gillighan, has set up home.  Many faerie friends visit him here, and for a cave-dwelling he’s made it very very cosy, if a little untidy (unlike faeries, leprechauns don’t mind a little chaos). Look carefully and you may find another “Clue to your quiz!


Pet Haven:

For all lovers of animals, time in the pet haven is a must. Many of our animals have either been brought to us as they are unwanted, or have suffered abuse, and here in our little sanctuary we can offer them the love and care they so badly need. It is now a scientific fact that bonding with an animal can bring comfort and healing, and we encourage this understanding in the Field of Dreams. We meddle little with our pets and permit a natural environment as much as possible.

It is not uncommon for visitors to witness the miraculous birth of a baby guinea pig, a tiny miniature of its parents complete with hair, sight and the ability to join the colony within minutes of birth, or to find a nest of vulnerable, bald, sightless baby rabbits totally dependant on a mothers love. You’ll encounter some of our little darlings wandering free around the park, enjoying a bathe in the lake or taking a break InformationLibrary: Barry Fitzgerald books at Gillighans World

All those who are really into the faerie kingdom, celtic history or the archeological discoveries of Knocknashee, you’ll find my collection of books and surveys in our sensitively restored Gillighans Cottage. There’s plenty of information and story books for children too, with beautiful illustrations of the spirits that form the tapestry of the faerie world.

Fiona Faery - Master of Reiki
Fiona Faery – Medium and Master of Reiki


Many mediums and spiritual healers are regular visitors to the park.

Angel, Faerie,  & Crystal Readings can be organised for you. Minimum numbers apply.

Celtic Ring Fort:

No visit would be complete without visiting our Celtic Ring Fort, and performing the “Wishing Ritual” in the Faerie Ring. Details of how to conduct the ceremony will be explained by one of friendly staff on arrival, and we can assure you that no matter how many times you try, it’s the first time only that counts and the Faeries decision is final. Picnic areas are available on the plateau and the panoramic view of The Ox Mountains and Plain are a photographers dream.

Climbing Knocknashee:

For those with energy and an adventuresome spirit a climb to the summit of Knocknashee is well worth the effort. Apart from the archaeological remains of the Ancient Hilltown, the view is almost biblical from this vantage point. Ask any of our staff and we will be happy to direct you to the access and give you an overview of the site and what you will find up there in the land of the Ancients. It takes about 20 minutes to climb, and you might like to visit the ruins of ” Court Abbey ” on the way.

“Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away.”


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