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My Retirement

After deep and heartfelt consideration I have chosen to NOT OPEN my “Faerie Gardens” to the public and community this summer.

Having devoted the last 25 years of my life to creating and maintaining this beautiful dream project, it is now time for me to retire and as I celebrate my 71st birthday today it seems an appropriate moment to make my decision public.

I shall miss it terribly, I shall miss all the wonderful guests, children and adults who visited and shared the magic over the years, but what wonderful memories I shall have forever.

This summer I am looking forward to spending personal and private time in the park and an opportunity to reflect and consider all the options open with regard to the future of this “faerie sanctuary and spiritual retreat”, which has become one of Sligo’s most loved attractions.

Rather than think of this as “The End” I prefer to see this as the start of “A New Beginning” and during this time of rest I shall strive to find a suitable and appropriate succession so that once again the gate to “The Land of Faeries” will open.

I may even start the book and memoirs that so many of you have urged me to do.

My love and gratitude to everyone who has contributed and supported me and helped me make a dream a reality.

16th April, 2019

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