Adult Parties

The Field of Dreams is the most beautiful, mystical, and spiritual setting for anyone wishing to celebrate their very special evening in a totally unique and memorable way.

Nothing sets the scene and inspires emotion more than a starry night, twinkling fairy lights, an ethereal landscape nestled beneath the shadows of a sacred hill where peoples for thousands of years have held their rituals and ceremonies.

It’s the perfect venue if you are looking for total privacy for you, your loved ones, friends and family to share those magic moments together.

Says: Peter Sinclair:

Ever since I was a guest at my friends celebration I have looked forward to holding my 60th birthday party at “Gillighan’s World, The Field of Dreams”.

What impressed me most was the atmosphere, and the freedom given by the proprietors to allow the bringing of your own your food, drinks and refreshments, whilst constantly being on hand to assist and support the smooth running of the event but ensuring no intrusion on the family and friends privacy. It being Al Fresco it was so natural, emotional and felt like “home from home”, though “home” in this case was in an unearthly sanctuary and spiritual haven.

It was wonderful dancing under the stars, walking with friends through the enchanted gardens, or merry making and celebrating under the trees. There was a beautiful feeling of timelessness about the whole evening, and definately one could sense the spirit of people who had also held their celebrations here in ancient times.

I’ve booked my date already, and whilst I’m enjoying life and don’t want to wish the time away, I can’t wait for my birthday to re-live a magical experience had by all.




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